domingo, 1 de junio de 2014

Employee Monitoring

Are there any particular occupations for which employee monitoring would be essential?

Yes they are. For example if you know that your boss is watching what you are doing you try to do the work the best you can. And also the employee can work better because don´t have any distraction of any kind.

Should it be required by law to inform employees that they are being monitored?

Yes. Because the employee can know that what the boss is doing is legal and is approved by the law. And because the employee can be sure that the boss cannot use the information that the employee has in their mail or another personal accounts.

Should employees have a right to privacy when they use their personal email at work?

In some cases. Because the boss have to tell the employee that if he opens his or her personal email they can watch what she or he is doing. And the employee would know if she or he opens or no her or his personal email account.

To what extent do you think monitoring of employees improves their productivity?

A lot, because they know that someone is watching what they are doing. And they would be stressed if they catch him or her not working. And also because she or he can improve his or her work because he or she wants to impact the boss of her or his work.

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